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Things to Know When Buying Shapewear for the First Time

Feb 01,2024 | curvy-faja

Buying faja body shaper for the first time can be confusing, and time-consuming. There are so many options and brands to choose from, and it`s highly likely you won`t get it right for your first purchase. So, skip the lines, and follow the tips below so you can save your time and money:

  1. Know Your Body Type: What`s Your Body Shape and Size?

Women's Drawstring Anti-Cellulite Body Shaper-curvy-faja

Women's Drawstring Anti-Cellulite Body Shaper

Consider your body type for a moment before exploring the world of body shapers. Which shape are you—a rectangle, apple, pear, or hourglass? Understanding your body type will help you select form-fitting clothing that accentuates your greatest features and plays up your natural curves.

Also, know your size. Are you petite, mid-size, or plus size? Scouring for the perfect shapewear is easier if you`re looking at the right section.

Making ensuring you have precise measurements is one of the most important things when purchasing a body shaper. Take measurements of your waist, hips, and bust using a flexible tape measure. To ensure the ideal fit, refer to the brand's sizing chart. Keep in mind that sizes can differ between brands, so you shouldn't assume that the size you wear in one will fit you in another.

  1. Identify Your Target Areas: Do You Want a Slimmer Tummy, Lifted Butt, or Sexier Propoportions?

Hourglass - Knee length Shapewear

Liposculpture Invisible Girdle High-back Short - Light Line

Choose the precise regions that shapewear is intended to treat. Different styles of shapewear target different body zones, such as your thighs, buttocks, waist, or stomach. Knowing which body regions you want to accentuate, sculpt, or tone down will help you determine what kind of shapewear will work best for you. Your choice of the most comfortable and functional clothing will be guided by your identification of your target regions.

  1. Types of Body Shapers: Do You Need a Camisole, a Waist Trainer, or a Butt Lifter?

Tummy Control High Waist Shaping Butt Lifting Slimming Pants (Pre-Sale)

Tummy Control High Waist Shaping Butt Lifting Slimming Pants Ref1232

Body shapers come in a multitude of designs, each intended to treat a distinct body condition. Explore your selections and select a style that fits your needs and tastes, from bodysuits and shaping camisoles to waist cinchers, seamless butt lifter and thigh slimmers. Choose a sturdy yet flexible design if you plan to use it every day. Investing in high-waist shaping shorts makes sense if you enjoy donning short dresses or skirts.

You will easily know which style and type of body shaper fits you, if you follow the tip above. Knowing your measurements and what type of body you have is really the first step in narrowing your options and selecting the best piece.

  1. Compression Levels: Low, Medium and HIgh Level of Compression

Post Liposuction High Compression Tummy Control Shorts-curvy-faja

Post Liposuction High Compression Tummy Control Shorts

Body shapers come with varying levels of compression, ranging from light to extra-firm. Understand the compression levels and choose one that provides the right amount of support without compromising comfort.

While the idea of a body shaper is to provide a sleek silhouette, comfort should never be compromised. Opt for a size that offers gentle compression without causing discomfort or constriction. It's essential to strike the right balance between shaping and ease of movement. However, if you need body shaper for special occasions, or for training your waist, high compression level shapewear is advisable as long as your body is well-prepared for it. You can start light and gradually increase the compression level.

If you want that cinched waist, which would give you an hourglass figure, choosing medium to high compression waist trainer is best. Light compression is suitable for everyday wear, while extra-firm compression is ideal for special occasions.

  1. Material Matters: Nylon, Cotton, Spandex, and Lycra

Women's Chest-Packed Body Shaper Postpartum Fajas-curvy-faja

Women's Chest-Packed Body Shaper Postpartum Fajas

Pay attention to the fabric of the body shaper. Common materials include nylon, spandex, and a blend of both. Good thing with Curvy-Faja, is that all body shapers are flexible and breathable making it easier for you to choose among the shapers being offered. Consider factors such as breathability, stretchability, and moisture-wicking properties to ensure the material suits your lifestyle and comfort requirements.

  1. Seamless Design                       

Hip Lift Shorts Tummy Control Panty Lifter No Trace for Women-curvy-faja

Hip Lift Shorts Tummy Control Panty Lifter No Trace for Women

To ensure your body shaper remains discreet under clothing, choose a seamless design. It`s oftenrecommended to get a seamless design whether you need a seamless look or not. It`s just easier to wear with any clothing, and is less likely to roll upon itself when doing day-to-day activities. Seamless shapewear eliminates visible lines and ensures a smooth, polished look, allowing you to wear it with any outfit.

  1. Color Matters: Beige, Black, Brown, or Colorful Patterns

New BBL Faja Extreme Waist Belt (Pre-Sale)

New BBL Faja Extreme Waist Belt

Selecting the right color is crucial, especially if you plan to wear your body shaper under light-colored or sheer clothing. Nude or skin-toned shapewear is often the safest bet because they can hardly be seen when worn, but some outfits may require black or other shades.

If you choose bright and colorful shapewear, it`s essential that you have a vision on how you`re going to wear it, and where as they`re typically more difficult to style. Don`t worry though, beause colorful body shapers are perfect if you`re always in the gym or at home. You can even wear them as is, and layer with appropriate activewear.

  1. Care Instructions

Liposculpture Invisible Girdle High-back Short - Light Line-curvy-faja

Liposculpture Invisible Girdle High-back Short - Light Line

Bodyshapers, like regular undergarments need property care. Since they`re still undergarments, knowing how to wash and dry them is essential for longetivity. Read and follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Most shapewear is delicate and should be hand-washed or placed in a mesh laundry bag before machine washing.

You should also be careful with the laundry detergents you use, as some brands may be too strong, can may causwe discoloration, especially for nude-colored shapewear.

  1. Brand Reputation: Get Your Shapewear from Curvy-Faja

Slimming Butt Lifter Control Panty Underwear Shorts-curvy-faja

Slimming Butt Lifter Control Panty Underwear Shorts

Research and choose reputable brands with positive reviews. A well-established brand like Curvy-Faja is more likely to offer high-quality products and better customer support.

Check the brand's return policy before making a purchase. Since buying shapewear involves finding the right fit, having the option to return or exchange is essential. Some brands offer hassle-free return policies, while others may have more restrictive terms.

  1. Price vs. Quality: Are There Affordable but High Quality Shapewear?

Leggings With Blue Neoprene Tummy Control-curvy-faja

Leggings With Blue Neoprene Tummy Control

While it's tempting to opt for budget-friendly options, keep in mind that quality often comes with a price. There are many cheap options online. However, it doesn`t come without risk. Cheap shapewear normally means cheap materials and labor.

However, finding an affordable shapewear that has high-grade quality and amazing designs is like finding a hidden treasure. Curvy-Faja is that hidden treasure you should check out. Invest in a reputable brand that strikes a balance between affordability and durability. Consider your body shaper and faja leggings as a long-term investment in your wardrobe and confidence.

Consider the shapewear's comfort, compatibility with your clothing, and upkeep, and make informed purchases by sticking to reliable companies and comprehending return guidelines. You can discover the ideal body shaper that not only improves your silhouette but also gives you more confidence in every outfit by paying attention to these crucial pointers. Cheers to shaping!